Happy weekend

Friends! Friday is here! Good Friday, nonetheless. I hope you all have some great Easter plans. Ty has finals starting today, with one scheduled for tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. (is that not the weirdest, most unfortunate time for a final? I'm so glad I'm done with school.) So good luck to Ty! I'm hoping to do some Easter Sunday prep and to put together a decent Easter meal, because by golly that's what a wife should do. Well, at least a wife of a food-loving husband like my husband. Who will have been taking finals for 2 days when Easter rolls around.

Here are some links to start it all off.

The human experience in 60 photos.
33 breathtaking places to visit.
Mother's day cards. Snagged this one for my sweet mama.
The Street Shop. Such a cool idea to help clothe the homeless.
What a cute summer look.
Oh my cuteness.


If we are friends on Instagram or Facebook, you will know I was a part of Questival last Friday and Saturday (please accept my sincerest apologies for blowing up your feeds with our low-quality quest pics -- as evidenced below). Questival was a 26-hour adventure race meets scavenger hunt thrown by Cotopaxi, a new backpack and waterbottle company here in Utah that also does social giving. They did the Questival as part of their brand launch (brilliant) and it was a grip load of fun.

Our team of 4 (Me and my friends Lance, Katy, and Derek) slept 6 of the 26 hours, and the other 20 were spent rushing all along the Wasatch Front doing all sorts of adventures; everything from skiing a backcountry run to eating a hot dog with hot sauce in a hot tub wearing hot pants. We shook a mayor's hand. Took pictures with llamas. Camped in hammocks. Climbed outdoors. Hiked our little legs off. Yodeled in public. etc. etc. It was quite the whirlwind of random and awesome and weird. We ended with 515 points from everything we accomplished, but sadly didn't win (the winner racked up a whopping 620 and is headed on a free trip to Machu Picchu), but I think we did pretty great among the other 300 teams participating.

My brain keeps thinking and strategizing for next year, but when I realize it was part of a brand launch, I'm not quite sure there will actually be a next year. Let's keep our fingers crossed they have a 2nd Annual Questival come next April as part of a new product line launch or something.

A morning conversation

This morning, after my first night of semi-decent sleep in a week, Ty and I were chatting in bed and this was the conversation we had:

Ty: How'd you sleep babe?

Nicki: SO much better than I have been! It was so nice. I'm feeling way better.

Ty: Oh good!

Nicki: How'd you sleep?

Ty: ... :: glances sideways :: ...

Nicki: No good?

Ty: Well. I didn't fall asleep 'til 3:00 a.m. because you were snoring like crazy. But I didn't want to wake you up because I was so glad you were sleeping!

Heart melted.

And that, my friends, is love. I married such a good one.

Aerials of Botswana

Hey friends! I've been a bit under the weather lately (hello flu and 100.5 fever!), so I don't have a full post for today, but these aerial photos of Botswana (that's only a little smidgen up there), were just too pretty not to share. I've always been afraid to visit Africa, but as of late that fear has been slowly waining and has started to be replaced with curiosity. I think these photos may just be what puts me over the edge. Enjoy!

And happy Friday! I hope you all have something great planned. In an effort to mend this bod of mine I will do a lot of tea drinking and laying around doing things like napping and feeling sad my throat feels so terrible. But. Here's to a happy two-day recovery for me. And a fantastic next 48 hours for you. xoxo

Happy weekend

Happy Friday once again. I swear weeks go by in the blink of an eye sometimes. Last week was the same. One, single, solitary blink and I've landed myself on a Friday again.

In honor of St. Valentine, Ty and I are heading to the ballet to see Sleeping Beauty! I've never seen a ballet before, so I am especially excited. We also have a trip to an ice castle and an irish dancing concert on the docket. It's gonna be a big weekend, guys.

I hope you all have some lovey plans! Even if they just include cuddling with your dog. Here are some links I enjoyed this week.

Eeeks! One gust of wind, and this guy is toast.
Such a beautiful line of textiles. Favorite.
Beautiful wedding invites.
Loving these running leggings.
Make your own candied grapefruit.
My friend Amy made some delicious-looking beet bagels.
Can't wait to make this for Sunday dinner.
Now that's relaxed.

Happy weekend

Happy weekend! As I look out my window, the snow-capped mountains are staring back at me. Loomingly. They are very very lovely, but also very very cold looking. Especially in light of some friends and I planning to go skiing tonight. I am a little scared my nose may fall off. So. If I don't have a nose come Monday, you'll know heading up the mountain wasn't my wisest decision Friday night.

Tomorrow Ty and I are going to be a part of a photo shoot for our friend Dave's project, Stately Type. (Have you seen his stuff, PS? Very amazingly cool. We honestly have the coolest friends who do the coolest things. So inspirational.) I got my bangs trimmed just for the occasion, since I figured bangs in front of eyes wasn't the best look while modeling a t-shirt.

I hope you all have great plans for the next couple days! Especially if they include cuddling up inside. 'Cause cuddling is what winter was made for. Here are some links to start it all off.

Thoughts on being a kind dad.
Downton Abbey Valentines by my cute friend, Jen.
Thoughts on being a do-er.
Sometimes this is all I want in life.
Great coat.
Love Ira Glass's advice on The Gap (not the clothing store).
My friend's dad published a book on his Mountain Man tales. Read this chapter - so cool.
Just picked up this robe in anticipation of summer.
Design work chart.
Well that looks cozy.

Big Water Yurt

Last weekend, Ty, Hank and I headed up to a local yurt for the night with our friend Lance. The yurt was a close drive (only about 45 minutes) and a 4.5 mile trek up a beautiful, narrow canyon on a groomed trail. We were lucky enough to have a fresh two days of snow coat before we got there, so the canyon was completely magical.

Ty and I snowshoed in, but next year we may follow Lance's lead and cross country ski --- he managed to make it up the canyon in half the time we did. Hah. So. I'll be adding learn to cross country ski to my to-do list this winter.

The yurt was cozy and well equipped with all the firewood we needed to keep toasty in our winter wonderland. Plus two oversized bunks, a picnic table, an iron stove and some seats. We cooked food on our camp stoves once we arrived and played cards late into the night. I had brought some sparklers to light in honor of Chinese New Year, but we were all a bit sleepy after huffing our way in so they were put on the back burner for another time (your time will come little sparklers, I promise). It was the perfect little weekend getaway.

It's so cold

Maybe it's just the Januarys talking, but I am freezing. all. the. time. All I can dream about lately are these cashmere sweats and this hot carmel apple cider. forever. Honestly, how heavenly do cashmere sweats sound? They are the price of a large area rug, but something tells me they are worth every single penny. And as I slipped my freezing little icicle legs into them, I'm pretty sure all my worries would vanish. And world peace would happen. Cause honestly.

Once upon a time while I was in college, I wanted to get my hair done but I had no money, so I decided to sell some plasma. It was a brilliant idea. I drove myself to the plasma center, got all tested and hooked up to their fancy blood cycling machine, and then I promptly passed out. Two words -- light weight. So. I'm thinking I might need to come up with a better plan this time to get me those pants. Cause if anything is gonna get me through this winter, it's cashmere. And apple cider.

Zion: Observation Point and the Narrows

While we were in Zion this last weekend, my friend posed the question of what our favorite National Park was. I haven't been to many, so I felt too inadequate to answer. But I will tell you this. I love Zion. It's beautiful, even at first glance. And as you work for the views, it is SO GOOD. So so good, friends. Maybe it's just me, but red rock seriously blows my socks off.

Observation Point was a first for me this trip. At 4 miles each way, winding its way to the tippy top mesas in the park, it was no picnic. But man, was it breathtaking. Slotty canyons. Grand overlooks. Craggy chasms. It had it all. And it feels good to work hard for something like that. Like, real good. Like, great. Don't you think? Hard work just sits happy deep down in your bones. And when your head hits the pillow at night, you feel like you've really earned it. "Great work, self," you think while you doze off to dream land. And even your less than graceful movements the next day make you feel like a champion. That's Observation Point.

We also hit up Canyon Overlook trail this time. I kid you not when I say it is the best 1-mile, 15-minute hike of your life. It's the view pictured at the top of this post. Go ahead and scroll up and meet me back here... See? I know, right?

The Narrows, as always, was amazing. Albeit pretty stinking freezing (hello 40 degree water!). But there is something completely novel about hiking waist deep in the wet while staying dry as a bone from your ankles up. If you get the chance to drysuit the Narrows in the winter, I say go for it. But be sure to remember your warmest warmest gloves. And a beanie. Those are very important.

Happy weekend

Hey everyone! I hope you have some great plans this weekend.

Ty and I are heading to Zion National Park and will be hiking The Narrows in drysuits! My first time in a drysuit, so it should be memorable. What about you? Anything fun? I hope so. I really really do.

Here are some links to kick it all off.

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