Tale of two picture frames

Just before our wedding in 2011, Ty and I received the cutest drawings of us from my niece and nephew. One of me in a purple wedding dress (of course). And a blue one of Ty. Needless to say, they warranted some framing and we decided to display them at the wedding because #1 we love them (the kids and the drawings) and #2 we thought they were adorable (the kids and the drawings).

They found their way to our home after the big day was over and have found homes on a few different walls over the last couple years as we've changed decorations and rearranged rooms. Most recently, though, they had been sitting on my bedroom floor waiting to be hung.

I knew I wanted them in the bedroom (I mean, look at those naked walls!), but couldn't decide the best place for them. So yesterday I decided was the day to find them a new semi-permanent home. So after work I rolled up my sleeves and went to work.

In an effort to make as few holes as possible in the walls, I grabbed a couple dark colored pillow cases and taped them to match the size of the frames. Then, to give the proper color contrast, I taped a couple pieces of 8.5 x 11 in. sheets of paper on the fronts for good measure. I proceeded to hang them with tape around the room to give myself a good visual of the positioning I would like best.

I had four options in mind: 1. Either side of the bathroom door. 2. To the right of the bathroom door. 3. Over our bedside lamps. Or, 4. directly overhead above our headboard.

It took a few rearrangings, a few going back and forths, and a few walking in and out of the rooms, but I ended up settling on...

Straight up over the headboard. I actually had a small debate between to the right of the bathroom door and above the headboard, but in the end I really liked how over the headboard added a height to that side of the room that I didn't even know I was missing. And I like that they are a bit front and center when you enter the room. The room is far from finished, but I am liking this new little addition.

Now, I just need to get some curtains up. And paint these walls. And possibly add some shelving. Plus a slew of other house projects I have had on my mind. My list of "To do before the baby comes" looks something like this:

1. Paint bedroom (May)
2. Hang bedroom curtains (June)
3. Paint baby room (May)
4. Buy baby furniture and accessories (May - August)
5. Frame and hang baby-room artwork (by August end)
6. Buy ottoman for nursing chair (by August end)
7. Arrange baby space (by August end)
8. Paint kitchen cabinets (June?)
9. New kitchen countertops (June?)

Numbers 8 and 9 are quite ambitious, but we will see how this all goes along. The good news is we already have gotten some very sweet baby-essential gifts from friends and family, and we have secured a carseat, stroller, and humidifier. So, a few less things to add onto the list.


Unknown said...

I remember having a to do list like yours - but seriously try to get as much done as you can now! It's so much easier pre-baby :) I am so excited for you!!! If you put the frames above the lamps you still need something in the middle or I will twitch thinking about it... If you put both in the middle it looks complete and pleasing to the eye. xoxo

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