And it's a ...

Last Friday morning Ty and I headed into the doctor's office for my 20-week ultrasound. We are 100% in the "finding out the gender camp" (hello, first time parents here!), so I had been looking forward to this appointment for quite a while. As we walked into the main building and were about to get into the elevator, Ty turned to me and asked what I thought the gender was. "Boy." I said. "What about you?" "Girl." he answered.

And team boy came through for a solid win! When the ultrasound tech wrote "BOY!" on the screen as she saw the gender, my little heart leapt. We are seriously over the moon. And I am so grateful everything is looking happy and healthy with him. It hasn't fully hit me what this new adventure is going to be like, but I am so looking forward to seeing Ty with our son. It's just going to be so sweet.


Cici said...

Yay yay yay! I want to come to your baby shower!!

monica's mutterings said...

We're so "over the moon" for you too!

Unknown said...

So exciting - Congratulations!! I started laughing hysterically when I had my ultrasound with Ben and saw his little dingy on the monitor, Hilarious :) You guys are going to be the best parents!!

Tommy & Britt Schlosser said...

Awesome! So excited for y'all!

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