Baby Update: 25 weeks

I just hit the 25 week mark! Which means only 15 to go. Which is crazy. And amazing. And crazy all at the same time. Our little babe is growing away though, happy and healthy. And it's seriously the weirdest (and the greatest) to have this ever expanding belly of mine. He's supposed to be about 13.5" long right about now, and he has started kicking / punching like a champion. For the last two weeks or so I've been feeling little arms and legs skimming the inside of my belly. And every time it feels like this amazing little reassurance that he's in there, just wriggling around and doing his thing. Two mornings ago though, as I was just lounging in bed after waking up, there were these three solid booms on the front of my belly; way stronger than the normal little tickles. It was like "Hey mom! Just practicing karate in here! Don't mind me. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM." And I honestly loved it. I hear that after a while all that squirming can get annoying, but for now, while it doesn't hurt, I am going to savor every last bit of it. It's such a special thing for me -- to feel him in there. And have these little interactions before he's even here. Plus, it's kind of amazing that he can actually make my hand bounce off my belly if he kicks it. The craziest. There's a little, tiny, karate human in there, people.

And just for funsies I put together this update, baby edition, to sum up the random quirkiness pregnancy has brought me lately:

Eating / so much. Hunger knows no bounds now a days.

Drinking / lemonade. So. Much. Lemonade. It's like the nectar of the gods, I tell you.

Practicing / going to bed early. As soon as 9:30 p.m. hits, I am out. It's THE BEST.

Mastering / proper pregnancy posture. I go through this mental checklist several times a day -- hips tucked, head up, shoulders back. I'm hoping it will help me avoid the pregnant waddle.

Learning / not to push myself too hard physically.

Trying / to keep my goal of running 3 times a week (only it's more like grandma-speed running recently. And I'm pretty sure the elliptical will shortly be entering the scene).

Playing / the "let's choose a middle name" game with Ty. A lot. Thankfully, I think we finally settled on one.

Finishing / painting the baby room and master bedroom. 1 ceiling down, two rooms and one ceiling to go. I will feel so much more prepared when these are done.

Reading / not enough of the baby books. I have at least 5 sitting on my bedside table awaiting me.

Remembering / how good it used to feel to sleep all the way through the night, without the now requisite trips to the potty. Also, I know potty is such a silly word. But I kind of like it. Potty.

Wearing / everything stretchy. Stretchy skirts. Stretchy dresses. Stretchy pants. Jeans and I are no longer friends.

Cooking / so many great things. Something about being exhausted and home all the time has made me fiercely into cooking lately.

Working / towards a really healthy financial state in prep for this little babe and my going to working part time.

Traveling / in the car only. I've taken a few of the worst plane trips of my life lately (hello nausea!), so I'm completely happy just to stay on the ground for the next 3 months.

Wanting / to throw away pretty much everything we have that doesn't get used on a daily basis. Nesting. Is. Real. Folks. To the trash with all the things.


Megan said...

Oh my GOODNESS!! You are such a cute pregnant woman! And so in shape. DANG! So, here's the thing about the word "potty." It will become the only word you use after potty training. Even when Ry and I are on a date or something, we'll catch ourselves saying, "I'm just gonna run to the potty." DRIVES ME NUTS! Love you, lady.

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