Weekend in the mountains

Ty and I spent our weekend in the mountains. Because, when you live in Utah, isn't that the most logical thing to do? Beautiful, towering, pristine, gorgeous mountains out your back door so all you have to do is step right into them. You would think we would do this more, but the hiccup that often gets in the way is sheer laziness. And the desire to just plop on the couch every night and gorge on Modern Family together, since on select nights we can watch up to 3.5 hours in a row if we really want to :) Which had been happening far too many times as of late (read as sleepy, tired, hot pregnant lady). And so, Friday night Ty and I took a break from our regularly-scheduled lounging and embarked on a very needed, very lovely drive up into American Fork canyon.

We visited Tibble Fork and Silver Lake reservoirs, and played fetch in the water with Hank, and explored dirt roads, and took in a sprinkle storm while the sun was shining away (rain while the sun is out feels like the weirdest to me). We enjoyed epic views, and discovered the most fantastic camping spots, and held hands as we walked around in the dirt. And it was all so good and grand for our souls that we decided to spend our Saturday day in the mountains too. And our Saturday night, as we topped it all off with a bonfire amongst aspen trees complete with roasted marshmallows (pronounced marsh-mah-llows, not marsh-mell-ows). And can you believe it, the trees are already turning?! The reds are out! Fall is upon us. Fingers crossed we can squeeze in one more camping trip before winter sets in.

"We need to do this more," Ty said to me as we were driving home Friday evening. I couldn't agree more.