3 Years of wedded greatness

It's our anniversary! And while impending baby has kept us home this year (not to mention our favorite bed and breakfast is closing forever in a mere few days! what?!) we still plan to celebrate with a romantic meal today and maybe a little shopping. I would also love to go reenact that photo up above with my big ol' belly in tow.

Anyone who is married knows marriage is not a cake walk all the time. Because. You know. Pride and grumpiness and the wrong side of the bed and whatnot. But I would be lying if I didn't say it's the most wonderful part of my life. Having the amazing man I married by my side every day is unbeatable. Cause he's completely fantastic. And loyal. And patient. And forgiving. And silly. And really, how'd I get so lucky? I am looking forward to learning from and with him for the rest of forever.


Meg Ruth said...

Happiest anniversary you love birds!

Cassanova said...

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