{ Longboarding for work }

Friday a group of people from work decided to go longboarding down the Provo Canyon during the lunch hour -- a very excellent idea in my opinion. There were six of us total. The weather was beautiful, and I was sure to bring my camera so much fun was had. After we all made it to the bottom of the canyon, the guys went to get the car we had driven to the top, and Audrey (a co-worker of mine) and I stayed back just riding around the parking lot at the base of the canyon waiting for them to get back. It was all fun and games until Audrey and I decided to go down a steep hill behind the parking lot. Thankfully, I got through unscathed, but Audrey, after taking a few saving steps when she jumped off her board at the bottom, flung wrists first into the concrete. It was definitely a sobering experience about the dangers of longboarding, but I'm not sure it is going to stop our weekly work tradition.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Poor Audrey :(


Kerstin said...

Hey Dot! I forgot you had my longboard... good to see you're enjoying it! -K

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