{ Saving $78 and getting a cute shower curtain in the process }

So, I've been obsessing over this Anthropologie shower curtain for at least two years. The only problem is, it costs $98.00. That's right, $98 for a shower curtain. No way, Jose, I told myself once I saw the price tag. But that left me with no adorable shower curtain to call my very own. So, my solution: I made my own! After a modest cost of $17.99 + tax for a Laura Ashley queen sheet set (much cheaper than buying the necessary fabric at the fabric store) and 30 hours manual labor. The 30 hours were a bit intense and pretty annoying at times, but now that all is said and done, so worth it. If the shower curtain had been $40 at Anthropologie, it probably would have been worth buying it, but at $98, I think I went the right route for sure.

The Anthropologie version

shower curtain
The Nicki, $20 version


54 canoe said...

Good job dude. Way to sock it to 'em.

Megan Ruth said...

You are AMAZING! I love you!

How did I just now discover your blog?

Susan Petersen said...

it looks so good! i love it.

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