{ Buggy stowaways }

So, the other day I was blow drying my hair in my cute miniature bathroom, and as I was tipped upside down, I thought to myself "Hmmmm...I should check under my sink to be sure there aren't any bug nests under there or anything." I mean, after all, I live in an old house, and my deep sink would be an ideal little cool, dark, protected little place for critters to hide out. Lo and behold, to my (disgusted) astonishment, I found a little cocoon structure with multiple holes for bug entrances. Eww. So, I mustered the courage to remove it (a large wad of toilet paper acting as a barrier between my hand and the cocoon), and it's now sitting in a jar in my loft. It appears to have been abandoned by its occupants before I got to it, so I am hoping that's the case.

buggy friends
the bug hut I found under my sink. yuck.


Katy said...

holy disgusting batman!

Bonnie-Lee said...

Umm, Yuck!

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