{ Festival of Colors }

Each year, the Hare Krishna temple in Spanish Fork Utah hosts a Holi Festival in the spring. The best part of the festival comes toward the end when all attendees explosively throw flour-based, brilliantly colored powders (pinks, reds, greens, blues, purples, oranges and yellows) at each other. My friend Douglas says the throwing of colors is to celebrate love and life and happiness. I say that whatever its reason, it's messy, fun, and pretty.

Hundreds of people attended this year. The colors got in my eyes, ears, and mouth, and they turned my boogers purple. The color throwing lasted about 20 minutes while people finish up using their colors. Me and my friends got hit with a lot of greens and yellows, so we looked kind of sickly in the end, but the people who got a ton of pink, red and orange looked so brilliant. Definitely amazing and definitely worth the seven dollars I spent on color-powder.

Me and Jen before the festival as we were walking up to the temple (as pictured in the background).

it begins
As the color-throwing chaos began

Me and Jen still fairly clean at the beginning

A little more powdery towards the middle of the color throwing

Legs and festively colored ground

Good friend Matt. I love the yellow on his face.

My eyes at the end. You can see that my eyes had been watering from when the powder had gotten into them.


MegRuth said...

love love love

Dave & Catherine said...

How fun! We always thought about going & were too lazy. Go you for making it down there! Awesome pictures!

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