{ Biking to Work }

nicki schmidt bike to work

In an effort to be on my bike more often as well as save some pricey petrol, I decided to try riding my bike to work one day a week. I started last Monday. I figure once a week is a reasonable amount to ask myself to ride to work. And it would save me one tank of gas every two months. Not too shabby.

Overall it was a great experience. The mornings are starting to cool off around here, so I wasn't sweating like crazy on my way there, and a majority of my ride was covered in shade thanks to my living and working so close to the base of the mountains. Riding home was kind of warm, but nothing I can't handle ONE day a week. I mean seriously. Who can't commit to doing something once a week? I love setting little goals. They're just so attainable. It makes it easy to stay motivated, which in turn makes for large rates of success and soaring levels of confidence for doing such a great job in life. I think this could be an excellent plan.


Jenny said...

Someday, I'd like to be just like you.

Kara said...

What time do you leave? It looks like 4am!

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