{ Not a Jeep Girl Anymore! }

After using more than half a tank of gas in my new car, I figured it was probably time to post about it. So...Dun-du-dah! I am now a Subaru girl! A tree-hugging, fuel-efficient, all-wheel-drive, outdoor-happy Subaru girl, and I am loving it. It's a 2005, champagney-silver colored Subaru Outback, equipped with heated heats (ya -- so stoked) and heated windshield wipers for wintery mornings. It took a little adjusting from the Jeep at first, but a week and a half into it, I am definitely a fan.

The Outback happens to be nine years newer than my Jeep, so it brings a lot of perks. So far, one of my favorite parks has been having a tailgate door that stays open, in all temperatures of weather, without someone holding it -- totally convenient. And I am also loving being able to accelerate when I go uphill, rather than watching the speedometer slowly decelerate till I crest the accents. Anticipated perks include being able to volunteer to drive places because my car gets more than 15 miles per gallon, and feeling totally confident driving in the snow without the added fear that my car will roll too easily. Really, does it get much better than this?

After showing my friend Alex a picture of the car I got, his first words were, "It's totally Nicki! Rugged but still cute." I like it. Rugged in car and lifestyle. Awesome.

The back of the car

The inside of the front -- I am a fan of the faux-wood accents

Pumping my first tank of gas. Averaging 26 MPG! Ya Buddy!

The old hoopty ride the morning I traded it in. Goodbye gas-guzzling Jeep.


Kara said...

Hey, now we're twinners! My Subbie is green, but the same make and year. You're gonna love it!

Dave and Catherine said...

Subaru drivers unite!!! :)

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