{ Alternative gift wrap }

Last Christmas, in an effort to use fun alternative packaging, I sewed all the Christmas gifts I gave inside little fabric pouches I made from funky Christmas tree fabric. It made for no hassle at the airport for transporting already wrapped presents, and it set my gifts apart, which is always fun. Today, for my good friend Marie's birthday, I decided to use yarn as her gift wrap medium. It took about two hours to crochet the little pouch I wrapped her dessert cookbook in. It probably wasn't the most efficient wrapping method, but it turned out pretty cute and in the end I think it was worth doing at least once. Yarn wrap? Sure, why not.

Marie with her gift.


Tiffani said...

You are soooo talented woman! I love the creativity! I just got a sewing machine last christmas and it hasn't come out of the box yet. now its on a big boat and I'm thinking Im going to give it a try once it gets here!

Sue said...

Nicki what an awesome idea! You are so creative. I might have to steal your idea... :) I miss you!

Cam said...

Just for the record, I was the typical male wondering why somebody would ever "waste time" doing something like that. "KNIT your WRAPPING PAPER??"
(the practicalist and minimalist) :) But it made a difference to Marie, and I've learned something from that.

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