{ The iPod Brick }

I found this thick gem in one of my coworkers offices today, and I was totally entertained. iPods have only been out for 7 years (thank you wikipedia for this tidbit of information), but they have come a long way, apparently. This Generation One has an actual turn-y wheel -- it doesn't work by touch sensation -- and the connector outlets are huge. So funny.

It reminds me of a story I heard about a little kid in my church ward running into his home after his friend's parents had dropped him off. He grabbed his mom's hand, urging her to come outside and see this crazy contraption in his friends car. They got to their destination only to find that the little boy was mesmerized by the manual window roller-downer -- he'd never seen one before. Just funny.

Thickness compared to my ipod touch

Plug-in area


MegRuth said...

They better hang onto that! It's worth some serious money. There's one int he MOMA in NYC!

Dave and Catherine said...

I know! Dave's still using his generation 2 (it actually has a touch wheel), but when you line it up next to my generation 2 Nano it looks monstrous!

Patricia said...

it kinda reminds me of a conference i had yesterday with a tech writing student, one of my dear freshmen. for some reason i brought up "all my life" by kc and jojo and he said "they just don't make songs like that anymore." i loved him so much at that moment.

Tommy & Britt Schlosser said...

Seing an Old iPod like that reminds me of a story too. You might remember it also... Jeff got mad one day at work and slammed his into the ground. Crazy, huh!?

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