{ Halloween '08 = rad }

Let's be honest...I'm usually not a big Halloween celebrator. Dressing up? meh. Halloween parties? smish. But, to my pleasant surprise, this may have been the most fun Halloween of my adult life thus far. I didn't really do anything THAT amazingly out of the ordinary or cool or anything, however...I DID have a sweet costume and I WAS with some of my favorite people the whole night -- so that could have helped. Whatever it was, it was just a really enjoyable 24 hours this year. It began with me designing a killer brochure at work and ended with me dancing the night away in a barn and subsequently sipping non-alcoholic, kiwi-apple cocktails and eating poshy hors dourves at a lounge in downtown Provo. It was just enjoyable, you know?

Me and Kates rocked the Mario and Luigi costumes this year (the hats were homemade and the mustaches were surprisingly not itchy). My favorite outfit of the night, however, was sported by my friend Amy Walton as pictured below -- Fanny the Walmart greeter. Gotta love it.

Me and Kates tried to get some good video-game, jumping shots, but we couldn't get the timing right. This was the best effort.

Here's Amy. Who would have thought this cute, little blonde mommie could pull off a buck-toothed Walmart greeter? So awesome.

Amy's brother is a dentist, and I guess he made everyone in his family snaggly teeth for Christmas three years ago. Amy integrates them into her costume every year.

Our buddy, Todd, was Popeye -- sweet, huh?

Me and Kates with Mike (Steve Zissou from Life Aquatic) and Marie (rocking the Celtics jersey)


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hahaha!!! I love it! Katy was telling me all about this, so I was just waiting for the glorious moment when the photos would be posted for my viewing pleasure. You guys did great!!

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