{ Hemoglobin Schmeemoglobin }

After some intense training and eating sufficient amounts of fish, beef and spinach over the last 6 days, my blood donation today was golden!

Iron level? 13.77
Facial expression upon finding out said iron level? FAT smile. And I'm pretty sure I said something like "BAM! I totally rocked it!" to the tech taking my hemoglobin levels.

As an added bonus to the happy feelings I got donating today, I also got a sweet little bow on top of my bandage. So rad. My tech had given me one these last time I donated, so I requested it this time for good-looking-ness' sake. If you gotta wear the big bandage, may as well make it cute(r), huh?


Megan said...

Nicely done Nicki! I knew you could do it!

Mattcobabe said...

Of course, Nicki Schmidt would have the coolest looking bandage after totally rocking blood donation. I wouldn't expect anything less.

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