{ Happy Hour Revisited }


OK. I don't really like to revisit topics two posts in a row, but I thought it worth it this time. Today's photo of the day (as shown above) comes from today's Happy Hour. This is JJ, one of our owners, using the aid of his pants to twist off the bottle cap on his old-fashioned, vanilla cream soda. After unsuccessfully twisting and tugging for a good 3 minutes, someone finally went and found him a bottle opener. Out of fairness though, his bottle cap was abnormally stubborn. But it was funny.

(and, as a side note -- my sweet co-worker Natalie pointed out to me today that the abbreviation/acronym I had written to denote "Happy Hour" on my calendar doesn't actually work.

Natalie: "What does 'HO' stand for, Nicki?"
Nicki: "Happy hour."
Natalie: "Wouldn't that be 'HH'?"
Nicki: "Ya...I just realized that too."

Awesome. I am not proud of this.)


54 canoe said...

You should have said "oops, I forgot the comma. It stands for 'Happiness, Our'."

P.S. please get rid of the word verification requirement to post comments.

Jen Fielding said...

That is super funny! and I am way jealous...I wish I were there for happy hour! Sounds AMAZING!

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