{ Curry is no respector of places }

No, really. It gets into EVERYWHERE! Door jams. Inside cupboards. On the ceiling, walls and crevices associated therewith. I even partially dismantled the hood-vented microwave to de-curry, and there was curry in places even where air didn't even flow! GROSS. BUT! Thankfully it's getting gone in a timely manner, and we are de-stinking today with ozone, so that should be helpful for the smell. I will be glad to be rid of it permanently.

Katy and I were up till 4am last night cleaning to get ready for painting Saturday so we don't waste any time or painting help. Most of our time was spent in the kitchen, not surprisingly. Looks like this rigorous de-stinking schedule is turning out to be sufficiently rigorous :) But awesome. Can't wait till it's all done and wonderful-ized.

In other news, I got my new flooring! It's a light-colored wood laminate, and it's gonna look goooooo-oooooood; pictures to come.

Kates conquering the disgusting, curry-globbed ceiling (which the picture definitely didn't properly capture). As pictured, we put magnets and a small poster on the fridge to make it feel more homey while we're there making improvements before we move in.

409 -- thank you degreasers.

Angela came and kept us company. And filled in some holes in the walls. Thanks Ange :)


The R.O.C. said...

Shouldn't all of that been done by the people selling the house? That's a lot of work to put in.

Nicki said...

You would think, but I guess some people's versions of "clean" are different ;)

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