{ Good scarf to Better scarf }

It all started when I wanted a loop scarf from Jcrew the other day. Price tag: $16. Not too bad for a cute scarf, but also not too great when I already had a light colored scarf that I got in NY a few years ago that was treating me just fine (above left). Then...brilliance struck. The result is pictured above, on the right.

The Process

I started with this:

Took off the tassels, like this:

Which left me with the perfectly matching yarn to crochet the two edges together like this (I just used a medium weight hook and did a single stitch to attach the two edges to each other):

Leaving me with a lovely loop scarf that looks like this:
I wrap the loop around three times to get the look I like
(the loop is about 6 feet total in circumfrence).


54 canoe said...


Tara said...

We need to crochet together. And you need to show me exactly how you rigged that.

mbobm said...

cute!!! i want one!

Kristie K. said...

love it!

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