{ Snowshoeing in the New Year }

Anna, Katy, Matt and I brought in the first day of 2010 with a much-needed snowshoeing trip. I love living in Utah for many reasons, and having this kind of fun only 20 minutes from my home is one of them.
(IMPORTANT NOTE: Nicki and Anna have matching ear warmers)

The scenery.


Anna, Katy, Nicki. In that order.

How your hair looks after taking off your ear muff and taking down your bun.

A couple days ago, I decided my character goal of 2010 goal will be becoming more disciplined. I am really good at letting myself do whatever the heck I want with relatively little consequence all the time, and I'm thinking that should probably change. When I brought this up with my friend Nate, he tried to convince me that allowing myself to do whatever I want actually displays great self discipline...as in, great discipline to self. But I don't think I buy that.


The Lindsay Family said...

I hate how much fun you and Katy have, and the fact that I'm not apart of it. Single tear, sniffle sniffle.

54 canoe said...

I'm interested to hear more about your self discipline thingy, but that's probably better for a phone call than a blog post.

I'd have to look it up but I think the correct spelling is "slowshoeing".

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