{ Garage Shelf = Happiness }

Sometimes all it takes to make me completely content in life is a newly built, large-scale storage shelf in my garage. Such a shelf appeared after an hour and a half's worth of work by my friend Justin two Saturdays ago, and I'm not sure I could have woken up to anything more exciting.

I went down in my pajamas to survey the work that he estimated would take him 4-5 hours. When I got down to the garage at 9:30, the shelf was almost done.

"What time did you start?" I asked. He replied that he had gotten to my house around 8. My quick math told me that was quite the time-work compression.

After hanging on the shelf frame and yanking on it a bit to be sure it was sturdy ("If it can hold me," Justin said, "It can hold anything."), Justin laid the shelf top and put in the finishing nails. I didn't have anything planned till the evening, so I spent the day filling my new favorite house addition with storage from under the stairs. I also took the opportunity to dejunk the contents of my storage boxes and take pictures of things I want to sell on KSL and Craigslist (I still have yet to actually post them).

I'm not sure I should find so much fulfillment in organization, but man, it was a good Saturday.

Left: The partially filled shelf halfway through the organization process. Right: Katy sitting on an inner tube in effort to deflate it. This was the second one she tackled that day.


TheRapunzelGirl said...

OMG! i am so jealous of your shelf.
and your garage. since we have an open carport, i want shelves like that in my basement. it would get a LOT of crap out of my closets that i can't put down there now without fear of the dreaded water seepage.

Patricia said...

Nicki, that's actually the first thing I was impressed about you: your organization. Amy and I seriously watched you bring your stuff in and then pack it more efficiently than a tetris expert. So this shelf probably makes you the happiest girl in Provo. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

Holy canola, you don't see shelves with 2x6 framing. It will come in handy if you need to want to turn it into an extra loft bedroom!

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