Without further delay, here are some photos from me and Ty's trip to Oregon a few weekends ago. It was a quick 48 hours, but his family is rad and we had a bunch of fun. No kidding; a bunch. Including me and Tyler getting seemingly stuck in a sea cave with the tide coming in around us and me freaking out unnecessarily and making Tyler run back to shore with me, fully clothed, waist deep in water; totally sandy, totally wet and totally one of the best parts of the trip. You can see our wet feet about halfway through those pictures above. And, not so hard to see, Oregon is beautiful. The Pacific Northwest is my kind of place.

(note: the picture of the non-familiar man up there is my favorite picture I took of Ty's dad during the trip; that man is rad)


katy broughton said...

I read the title and thought to myself, oh goodie, pictures from thanksgiving! Only to then remember you didn't go to Oregon for thanksgiving. I enjoyed the photos the second go round equally, though. Love your face. Love your style. And totally loving your blog lately (its been awhile since I've popped on over from the reader...)

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