wooden gifts

For Christmas, I purchased these awesome wooden glasses (the Govy by Shwood) for Ty, but when they arrived they fit too small. Which, at first was a little sad, but worked out totally great cause we exchanged them for those bad boys on Ty's face up there! BAM! So totally rad. The new ones arrived this week and were totally perfect.

On the day they came, Ty showed up announcing that since I had gotten him a wooden gift, he had a wooden gift for me too. Wha?! And what he meant by that was he had built me a freaking sweet potting and plant stand for the patio! (and totally carried it over, by himself, so it would be more of a surprise). See picture above. Stud. Talk about a great day of wooden gifts.

PS -- If you're in need of awesome wooden sunglasses (and let's be honest, who's not?) the guys over at Shwood are awesome. You should definitely patron them when you are in the market.


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