first garden

For the last few years I have really wanted a garden. The only problem is, despite having my ridiculously talented green-thumb mom,  I have never really learned how to garden properly, let alone had the space to try and teach myself. Then I started dating this ridiculously wonderful and knowledgeable man Insert Ty. Rather than living in space all his growing up years, Ty actually paid attention when his dad would grown things in their backyard. So a few months ago, with spring approaching, regular talks about having a garden on a friend's land down the road started happening between me and Ty. so. awesome.

The rain and late snows kept us from planting for a while, but last Saturday Ty and I capitalized on the ideally sunny day and planted us a rockin' garden equipped with the following: potatoes, red potatoes, orange and purple carrots, radishes, beets, 8 different kinds of tomatoes, broccoli, red green and yellow peppers (as well as a few bushes of hot peppers Ty picked out), spinach, lettuce greens, swiss chard, yams, sugar snap peas, green beans, white pumpkins,  zucchini, butternut squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, onions, garlic and corn.  BOOM! Plus, I extended the garden to my porch with some sweet basil, Thai basil, mint, cilantro and rosemary.

I can't wait for all that lovely produce and herbness to be happy and edible. Something tells me we might end up with a bit too much to handle ourselves, though, so note to friends: be expecting gift produce baskets.

PS I can't wait to make this with my very own garden vegetables. eeeek! Life is so exciting.


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