Spring time at the garage sales

I scored those delightfully buttery moccasins for $1 at a garage sale on Saturday. One dollar! Can you believe that? They feel like heaven on my feet. Amazing. Also amazing is that shirt we scored for Ty for 50 cents from a cute lady whose husband is a cowboy. So great. That's why garage sales are great -- you get awesome stuff for cheap from generally really friendly people who tell you stories about the stuff you are buying. Love.

Our garage sale-ing Saturday began when Ty and I drove up to Lehi Saturday morning for rugby practice, only to discover there was no rugby practice. However, there was an abundance of garage sale signs which we happily followed. We acquired the following:

1 new golfbag for Ty ($5)
Approximately 40 golf balls ($8)
Two cowboy/southwestern button up shirts (50 cents each)
1 pair of buttery-soft yellow leather moccasins ($1)
1 machinist apron (that I plan to use while letterpressing) ($1)
1 pair of machinist goggles (Which Ty plans to wear while riding his motorcycle) ($1)
25 small cream-colored linen bags with drawstrings (25 cents)
7 quarter-sized brass medallions with the number 53 stamped into them (25 cents)
1 cup of black cherry Kool-aid ($1 -- Ty was really generous with that little girl)
1 small, silver serving pitcher (50 cents)
1 baseball mitt ($3)


54 canoe said...

"53" brass medallions... I hope you're aware that 53 is Herbie the Love Bug's number.

Nicki said...

My medallion purchase just started to make a whole lot more sense.

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