The blue bathroom

A lot has been happening in life lately (not to mention I am turning 29 tomorrow! Booyah!), thing at a time. First up, I painted my bathroom blue. And it. Looks. Awesome. I like to say it looks much more regal than it used to. Although, truth be told, it did take a while (and much insisting from Ty) for it grow on me. Probably because I was hoping for a grayer blue. But in the end I think this deep, greenish-blue works just great. And, let's face it, it's a billion better than the white, so who I am to complain? Plus, in a year or so, nothing says I can't change it at a whim. That was a lot of commas. Okay. Awesome.

Welcome blue bathroom; it's great to have you.


54 canoe said...

It's a good blue. I like it.

Me said...

i'm not sure why, but now that it's blue i want to take a nap in your shower.

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