Smith Morehouse Camping Trip

This was my conversation with Ty from this evening.

Ty: You never blog about us anymore.
Me: I've been kind of busy.
Ty: Doing what?
Me: Planning our wedding. Kissing you. Making dinner. Cleaning the house.
Ty: That's a lot of stuff.
 Me: ...

That's right. It is a lot of stuff. But, not too much that I didn't get on my computer and get this post going. BOOM. Admittedly, these photos have been open in photoshop on my computer for the last two weeks, so it was about time. So, on with the post...

The images above (beautiful, right?) are from a camping trip Ty and I took a couple weeks ago with some friends out at Smith Morehouse Reservoir. Located in the Oakley mountains, this place is super lovely. Camp sites book out months in advance, and for good reason. I'd never been there before, but upon arrival I could see why it's such a sought-after camp ground; the campsites are clean, secluded from one another, include a picnic table and fire ring, have plenty of trees of hammock hanging, are equipped with bathroom facilities and there is a cute ranger (with a cute dog) who drives around offering help several times throughout the day. Can't beat that.

Ty and I brought kayaks (one of our favorite activities) to enjoy on the reservoir. It was kind of a feat to get them transported on the top of my Subaru, but we did it. So worth it. Man I love kayaking. A thoroughly enjoyable mini camping trip. We definitely plan on returning.


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