We hate kidney stones

And even more specifically, we hate the kidney stone in Ty's body right now, causing him all sorts of ridiculous amounts of pain. As we were waiting to see the urologist today, Ty broke out into a sweat because of the intense hurting. Talk about no bueno. This is trip number 3 to the hospital for this single little pest within the last month. So, we've decided we're not playing nice anymore. If it's not gonna come out nice on it's own, we're going in to blast it. Surgery in T-minus 20 minutes. Wish us luck, folks. I can't seem to upload a photo from my iPhone, so, picture of Ty in his cute purple hospital gown to come.

Update: Surgery went great. Ty is at home resting his bod today and should be tip top by the weekend.


54 canoe said...

Party in Ty's kidney!

Monica said...

Glad things went well. Hope healing goes quickly

54 canoe said...

Dear Ty,
Nothing will make this situation worse than if Nick goes all "Misery" on you. Make sure you get better before she breaks your legs and stuff.

Dear Nicki,
Don't go all "Misery" on Ty. He need you to keep you head together in this situation. I'll check-in in a day or so to make sure there's no foul play.

Ty said...

she's been looking at me with those crazy eyes bro!

Lance said...

If I'm not mistaken, shotgun shooting is a very important step in resting one's bod.

Tara said...

We LOATHE kidney stones. I think there is a special place in heaven for those that have had them.

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