A Portland Thanksgiving

Every time we go to Portland, Ty always makes us the best itineraries. I swear, that man is the host in this family. He's the best.

This year's Thanksgiving trip included a whole slew of great times; my favorite being the trip we made over to the most adorable Christmas tree farm you could ever imagine (complete with toys for the kids and free marshmallows for roasting.) Both Ty and I's families (did I mention my brother and his wife and two kids moved to Portland over the summer?) met up to choose our trees, then the men folk cut them down. I think I feel a Christmas tradition coming on.

The rest of the trip consisted of me petting a lot of animals (a mule and dogs -- lots of dogs. Everyone in Portland brings their dogs everywhere they go, and I was sure to take full advantage of petting as many of them as I could), lots of shopping, a Christmas tree lighting downtown, carol singing, our wedding open house, lots of family game playing, and a family bike ride to get some banh mi (never had banh mi? well, let me just say, I would strongly encourage you to find your closest sandwich shop and high tail it over there because it's so delicious it might just change your life forever). Not too shabby for a 5-day trip.


Angela said...

woohoo!!!. shout to banh mi love you nicki!

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