Angela gets married

After 360 days of engagement, my favorite Angela married the love of her life, Dane, last Saturday. Kates and I (and Ty) decided to make it a girls weekend, so leaving Ty and Hank behind, I flew out to Seattle for a weekend of wedded bliss. The wedding details, sealing and reception were all incredible. Angela and Dane looked so great and so so happy, and she confirmed in her wedding speech that that was indeed the happiest day of her life. Ang (pronounced an-j) made each of us, her special girlfriends, fantastic chunky beaded necklaces to wear for the day. We stayed in a hotel room the night before and stayed up giggling and having pillow fights (okay, I kid, we did make a late-night trip to Target for M&Ms and last-minute wedding gifts though). The sealing was perfect and a beautiful reminder of the things I promised to my own sweet husband nearly 11 months ago (almost been married a year already! holy crap, huh?!). And the reception was seriously an explosion of cuteness. Ang left no stone unturned which could be used for cuteness and wedding details; I tell you what...that girl is one beautiful party thrower. And Katy and I got to take a myriad of without-saying awesome photobooth pictures. Really, just a great great event all around; such a delight to be a part of.

After the wedding festivities ended, Kates and I stuck around for an extra day of touring around (and getting a stupid parking ticket in) Seattle. A little bit of Pike's Place market (which, I've decided, may be a bit overrated -- but the cheese place there is definitely NOT overrated, definitely not), some Snoqualmie falls, a quick trip to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens for a little bridge yoga, and we called it a successful weekend.


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