Cook the baby

Roughly 5 years ago, my brother and I were standing in his Seattle kitchen, his newly born daughter in his arms. I don't remember the specifics, but we needed all our arms and hands to do something while we were standing there, so my brother plopped his little girl into the pot on the stove for safe keeping while we quickly performed our task. Before he removed her, I snapped the first photo above, and we loving joked about cooking the baby for a while afterwards.

Fast forward 5 years -- Ty and I are hanging out at home one evening last week, and I come across the cook-the-baby photo as I am randomly browsing through photos on my computer (I honestly get lost in time just browsing through photos from the past that are stored on the nether drives of my computer). For kicks I send my brother the photo, and I quickly get a response email with the second photo above and the explanation "same kid, same pot, different stove... nearly 5 years later." Priceless. Cook the child.


Monica said...

Awesome shots. Kirsten - where is Brooke's cook the baby photo????

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