The bin dreams are made of

You guys. This may just look like a a typical white trash bin to you, but this is the bin of my dreams. The bin I have been searching for. LONGING FOR. Scouring the interwebs for. I have been desiring in my heart of hearts for quite a while now to have a container to keep Hank's food in that isn't the large, plastic-y bag that it comes in. But there have been no great-looking containers to be had! Even after lot and lots of scouring! But, lo and behold, there I was minding my own business while shopping yesterday, and you know who delivered one out of the blue? Ikea! That's right! The store that we love, Ikea!

I had gone there to grab us a down comforter, but there it was...the perfect container...sitting in the container section just for me with the low price tag of $24.99. It took me all of .5 seconds to decide to take it home, and I couldn't be happier. It holds the entire 30-pound bag of food, guys. Heaven. Oh the little things in life, how they make me so happy. La la la, pretty Hank-food storage container in our house, la la la.


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