Happy weekend

It's a wedding weekend! Tomorrow morning my dearest friend, Katy, is tying the knot forever with Mr. Lincoln Spencer, and I couldn't be happier for her. Since Katy and I both married into families with men's first names as last names, we like to joke that I will name my first boy Spencer Clark and she will name hers Clark Spencer :) Ty and I will be spending Saturday doing pretty much all things wedding (we even get to spend the morning at the Draper temple -- the same place we were married a year and a half ago). And we are starting the weekend off tonight with a trip to a near-by tulip festival. Hopefully we can score a couple Segways this time so we can tour the gardens at ultimate-fun speed.

Bring on the summer kayaking.
This post makes me want to go to Kenya one day.
Coconut oil beauty uses.
I am in love with everything about this house. I exaggerate not.
Strawberry, mango and avocado nachos sound delicious.
I will be making this tart soon.
I say this phrase against my will. But I just. can't. stop.


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