Katy's wedding recap

Weddings in and of themselves are kind of magical don't you think? The fact that two people care that much about each other at the same time and want to join their lives forever is a bit of a miracle, if you ask me. And it honestly is such a delight to witness your closest friends finding their matches. Katy and Lincoln's wedding on Saturday was beautiful. Katy looked stunning and peaceful. And her groom was simply BEAMING (I kid you not) with happiness. And they just radiated with excitement and joy. It was enough to fill this little lady with a whole lotta sunshine for her closest friend and her eternal beau, I tell you what. Not to mention it was bright and sunny outside -- you can't hate that.

It was such a good day. And even better because I spent the whole day with Ty enjoying his company and the festivities. I can't overstate how happy I am to be married to Ty. And how happy I am for Katy and her new adventurous life with Lincoln. They are seriously perfect. And I'm pretty sure they are going to produce at least one olympic volleyball player in their progeny.



Amy Lee Scott said...

SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Everything about this post makes me smile!

Kalli said...

Thank you...I love these! You guys are looking so dang good!

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