Happy weekend

Happy day after the fourth! We had such an amazing time with family yesterday (such a treat to spend some time with them). I will post all about it next week, but in the mean time, I am looking forward to going to the drive in movie tonight with my hubby (he's never been! and I haven't been since Brittany Elsner's 8th birthday party, so...). And then we'll be taking a good drive through the Rockies tomorrow with Hank. I hope you all have so much fun with the things you have planned. I feel like summer is really in full swing lately, if you know what I mean. Long days and lots of time outside are happening over in these parts. Love. Not to mention some nice bike rides and a whole lot of avocado toast for breakfast.

Here are a few links to start off your weekend.

One of my favorite places in the world.
I wish Hank did this. Hilarious.
Great typography. Great message.
So perfect.
I want to make this leather basket.
These cookies. Whoa.
I want a home hammock like this. Only I may wrap the chain so it's not so industrial feeling.
Four hummus recipes that look tasty. PS -- I like to eat my hummus with carrots.
So that's how you make those Halloween Jello worms.
Neat ring.
Handstand contest.

PS -- Brick and mortar Jcrew Outlets are having their additional 50% off everything this weekend.



Amy Lee Scott said...

The drive in!! We happen to live next to the "world's largest drive in" (self-proclaimed--who knows how true it is) and it is so fun to see movies there! We are excited to watch White House Down there :) How did the hubs like it?

Nicki Clark said...

Oh man! Amy, that drive in sounds pretty memorable. And I would think an action movie would be awesome to watch outdoor. We actually decided to forgo the movie last minute because we wanted to get an extra early start on the road the next morning. But I feel like summer won't be complete unless we make it out to one.

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