In the mountains

In a conversation with me the other day, Ty deemed "our things" as golfing, surfing and the mountains. Which I liked. Golfing because Ty loves it. Surfing because I love it. And the mountains because WE love it (the proper wording here would be "them," but you see what I did there?). Mountains, in my mind, is a bit inclusive; it encompasses the gamut of outdoor things we do in the mountains. Snowboarding, hiking, four wheeling, mountain biking, fishing, staying in cabins...things like that. Our date last Friday fit into the mountains category of "our things."

Ty has been itching to get up into the canyon, so we took out the dirt bike and four wheeler Friday night for a few hours of riding and admiring. I swear, every time I look around the Wasatch range, I am floored by how pretty it is where we live. Our mountain vistas can keep up with the best of them, that's for sure. And the fact that they are just outside our back door is a bit of icing on the cake if you are asking me. We had a small hiccup when the chain slider on the dirt bike decided to go the way of the earth, but other than forcing our picnic to happen in the car on the way to our movie, it wasn't such a big deal.


Amy Lee Scott said...

Oh, Nicki, this makes me miss those gorgeous Utah mountains so much! I love your list of "our things." They make life so much sweeter, don't they?

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