On turning 31

^^ If you knew how good those waffles tasted, you would be licking your screen right now.

Saturday was my birthday, and I woke up excited to be 31. I must admit that isn't all that odd since I wake up excited every year to be turning one year older (23 to 24, 24 to 25, 25 to 26, 26 to 27...etc.; these were all very exciting birthdays), but 31 seems extra special. Like I am really really an adult now, maybe. Or maybe I feel one year older and extra wiser this year. Either way, it was a good one. I woke up feeling good.  I felt good while I ate a waffle breakfast with my sweet hubby. I felt good riding bikes with my family to an adult soap box derby race (PS -- if you live in Portland, you should check that out -- a.w.e.s.o.m.e.) I felt good through an evening BBQ birthday party and through a post birthday party nap. And finally I sauntered my feeling-good self to bed at 9:30 p.m., like a 31-year-old boss. Oh yeah.

Looking forward to another 362 days as the big 3-1. "Hi, I'm Nicki, I'm 31." How good does that sound, you guys? So. Good.


Amy Lee Scott said...

Woohoo and happy birthday! Those waffles look TO DIE FOR. I need to get a waffle maker, ASAP :)

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