Happy weekend

The weekend is here! Everyone shout for joy! Not to mention fall is here. Did anyone else notice that? It started taking over the mornings last week, and it keeps lasting a few more hours every day. Come Monday I think we will be in all out fall mode -- boots, tights and apple cider included.

This weekend is honestly the weekend of attending parties for us in the Clark home -- two birthdays and a marriage celebration will encompass the entirety of our weekend. We are hoping to squeeze in some end-of-the-season golf and a Sundance full moon ride too (my favorite). What are you up to? Anything fun? Here are some links to get the party started:

It's like magic.
I want this for my birthday cake next year.
And I want to make this flourless cake this weekend.
Cute phone wallpaper.
Total beauty.
A liiiiitttttttle too close for comfort.
Love this picture of Maddie.
Chipper desktop wallpapers.
So sad these rings are out of stock.
Adorable illustrated gifs.


Courtenay Coleman said...

I've not-so-secretly been dying to break out my boots! Aren't fall outfits just the cutest?! Happy Friday AND Fall to you! - Court| lovecourtxoxo.com

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