Just look at those fall colors

Living in Utah comes with a lot of perks, not the least of which are the fall colors. Oh these fall colors, I tell you what. It's like the mountains just decide to up and put on a show for us every year. They pull out all the stops. Brilliant reds. Flaming yellows. Bursting oranges. And this weekend nature decided to add a little bit of snow frosting to top it all off. Well now, why don't you just go ahead and outdo yourself, Utah?

Ty and I make it a point every year to get up the canyon to enjoy the changing of the trees and bushes and whatnot. So, friday night we decided to have an impromptu bonfire up the canyon for date night. We grabbed the bundle of wood sitting in the garage, the hatchet, matches, camping chairs, jetboil and some soup+bread, then we plus Hank hightailed our way up the canyon. It was pretty spectacular. And we might have scored that absolute best bonfire spot up Provo Canyon.


Sarah said...

Hey this is so random but I really want to find this bonfire spot. Do you still remember where it is?

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