Happy weekend

Happy weekend, all! And day after Halloween! This has to be the prettiest Nov. 1 of all the Nov. 1 in history. The sun is shining. The air only has the slightest hint of crisp. And I am absolutely loving it.

This past week has been quite the doozey though. Compounding on the food poisoning Monday, I also sprained my ankle, nursed a sore neck, and had some serious sleeping issues the last few days. What the? It hasn't been pretty. I feel like my body is on the revolution or something. Thankfully last night I got a solid 9 hours sleep without moving a single muscle the entire night. It was heaven. And a great way to start off Friday for sure. Plus my ankle is feeling MUCH better today, thank you very much body. Being hurt is seriously the pits.

Ty has some arduously long work hours this weekend, so I'll be planning some good girl time. And Hank time. He's been giving me the "I need to play" eyes all day, so I'm thinking he may need a sizely hike tomorrow. And me too if we are honest -- who doesn't need one of those? I hear they are good for sprained ankles anyway.

Hope you all have something fantastic planned! Here are a few links to kick it off.

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