Snowshoeing kind of weekend

Saturday morning, Ty, Hank, and I rose bright and early (9:00 counts as bright and early, right?) to get us some snowshoeing in. We headed up Provo Canyon, just past Sundance, and did the Timpanogos Falls trail (the same trail Katy and I hiked last summer). Starting the day in nature really makes the whole weekend better, I think. If I could start all my weekends like this, I would.

The off-trail powder on this trip was certainly enough to make anyone smile. Especially Hank. That dog, I tell you, is in complete smit with the snow. Utter and complete smit. And he runs, like a maniac, the entire time he's in it. So, tired dog + fun in the mountains + first snowshoe of the season all added up to one stellar Saturday. Hope you all had a great one too.

And now a picture of me sans makeup.


Roxanne said...

how majestic...and you are so pretty sans makeup!

Shirene said...

I want to live life like you live it, Nicki. I love posts like these and totally agree about starting the weekend off right. Glad you had fun and thanks for sharing beautiful pics!

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