{ Best pre-Christmas Christmas present ever }

Erin did it again... she successfully gave me the coolest pre-Christmas present I have ever received. I think she is amazing. Made of grocery bags ironed flat (and double up), the grocery shopping bag she made me is incredible. Not only does it say "I'm Earth friendly" to my fellow shoppers at the grocery market, but also "I have the coolest friend who makes me rad presents." The bag is sturdy and completed with a homemade tag that reads "Virginia Paige: Protegeant la planete Depus 2007 (Protecting the planet since 2007)" I love it. Her method: Doubling up plastic grocery bags then ironing them between sheets of wax paper to produce strong plastic sheets that she then sewed together with a zigzag stitch to form a useful, attractive, reusable grocery bag.

She gave me the bag within two minutes of getting back from Thanksgiving at her parent's house in Arizona. She couldn't wait she was so excited, and I am glad.

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Megan said...

NICKI you're back!! I was so happy to see new stuff on your blog! So much cool stuff! I love the grocery bag! How creative is that?! Love the pics of your family. Your niece is way adorable! Love the pics of you and Katie! That girl is so cool! Hope you're doing well. We'll have to talk soon!

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