{ Garage sale -- $4 chair }

A couple Saturdays ago, my roommate Kathryn and I went out for the first garage-sale morning of the season. It was beautiful. There's nothing like getting really cool/useful things at ridiculously low prices. And thanks to my sister, Tracey, I am a garage-sale-deal expert. I usually just decide on a price for whatever I want to purchase, then walk up to the person in charge and tell them I'll give them "X amount of dollars for" said item. Most of the time they just take the money and smile. I think they are really just happy to get rid of everything they have out on their lawns/concrete for whatever people are willing to pay them. But, the best deal of the day didn't require any pricing on my part at all. Kathryn and I drove up to a garage sale in Provo with the most amazing vintage chair sitting on the lawn. The sign next to the chair read "Vintage chair, $4." $4!! Could that be right? But it was. $4. And after a brief inspection for wear and any funny smells, that $4 chair was mine, no haggling necessary.

Rad vintage chair I picked up for $4 at a garage sale a few weeks ago.

Close up detail of the pattern on the chair. It has surprisingly little wear, and it doesn't even smell funny :)


Megan said...

You and Ryan would really get along on this subject. I'm not much of a vintage furniture person. He is. He had 3 chairs here in his apartment when I moved in that I could not stand. I made him get rid of them. He was so sad. We should have given them to you! :)

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