{ You don't see this everyday }

The other night Scott and I were driving back from...Salt Lake? I'm thinking it was Salt Lake. But that's not the important part. The fact that we saw a Blazer ON FIRE on our way home is the important part. We were driving down 900 West in Provo just after we had exited the freeway, and we happened upon the car. A few people were out watching it burn, and one of the neighbors was taking pictures. We don't know how it started, but we parked a little ways off and watched as the car fire progressively grew until the firemen arrived and put it out. It was a crazy sight. Little driplets and streams and burning liquid kept flying out of the wheel wells before the fire was extinguished. Don't think I'll ever see that again. And I'm glad it didn't blow up while we were watching.


Sarah H. said...

How scary. I saw a car on fire once, wait it was my car and I was in it. I was in an accident my senior year of HS and it caught fire after the collision. Soooo scary. Good thing it didn't blow up. Did you ask how it started? Yikes!!

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