{ Home Owner? }

Well...as of Monday afternoon, I am the proud bearer of a condo under contract. I made an offer on a super sweet, 1940's conversion condo in downtown Salt Lake City on Saturday and, dun-dun-dah!, it got accepted. At first I was just freaking out. The bigness of the whole buying-a-place-of-my-own thing is really setting in, and it is leaving me equally excited and anxious. The thing that has helped me clam down most is my best friend Trish's assuring me that buying a place of my own is a smart decision, and my reassuring myself that the place I/Scott found is a great place. Smart and great. Can't go wrong with those two adjectives. Now I just need to be sure all the inspections and appraisals check out, and I'll be good to go.

Here are some pictures I took while we were scoping out the condo. I'm realizing now that I really didn't get that great of photos, but they will give you the general idea.

The outside of the complex

The entry way (and Scott -- he's in a lot of these)

Kitchen from view of the living room

This is a photo of the kitchen in the model -- they all look the same, only mine isn't furnished yet

Scott in the living room

Front loading washer -- dryer to come

A close up of the flooring


LindsayFamily said...

That's beautiful, congrats

MegRuth said...

Snick! I'm so excited for you. You are a real grown up. I want to be just like you!

Megan said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so excited for you! And the place looks way cute! I love the kitchen. I can't wait to come visit!

emily snyder said...

holy, holy cute!!!! i was running late this morning, but have planned out my path to get to work just so that i can drive past it!!
when do you think you'll move it? i am a good unpacker/carrier if you need help!

Anonymous said...

AHHH CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You are such a real person, Nik. I can't wait to see how cute that joint looks all Nikified and sassy. I'm so excited for you!

Club Narwhal said...

oh nix, it is lovely! i am so excited to see you in it :)

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