{ Z is for Zion }


I took my first trip down to Zion National Park last weekend (kind of ridiculous that I haven't been there before now, seeing as #1 -- I'm a pretty, dang active girl and #2 -- I've lived three hours away from it for SEVEN YEARS. Ridiculous). Needless to say, the trip was awesome. I went down with Dave and company (there were 6 of us total), and we repelled Spry canyon. 15 repels in all, I stayed pretty dry till like #12 or so, then it was all over, and I HAD TO descend into, no joke..this is what it's called...skank water. sick. I think the name is worse than the actual water though. And, despite my fears, I was glad to find out that hiking in wet Nikes didn't cause any weird rashes or blisters.

I need to do this stuff more often.

group beginning
The group before we started the canyon (Tyler, Clancee, Covey, Zach, me and Dave).

Dave, being the total backcountry.com designer that he is, outfitted the whole crew with matching sample shirts. Cute :) But as silly as it may have looked, I was grateful to have that breathable, quick-drying little guy on rather than the cotton V-neck shirt I had brought. Totally worth it. Plus -- look how good we look! All matchy in the pictures.

Me at the bottom of the second biggest repel (the picture at the top of this post is me at the top of the same repel)

Part of the group at the top of the second repel -- Covey, me and Clancee

above skank water
Descending into the unavoidable skank water. gross.

Wading through the unavoidable skank water.

Me, Clance and Zach watching Tyler repel.

free repel
Me on the final repel -- this one was extra sweet because it was a free repel, meaning there was no rock for me to walk down -- just wide open space.


Dave & Catherine said...

So jealous!!!

MegRuth said...

Wow, Snick! So rad. I've never done that before. It looks like a blast, even in the skank water, sick.

emily snyder said...

nicki! that is dave blackwell and covey morris!!! how in heaven's name do you know them?!?!
they were both good friends with my sister melissa...she and dave were together almost everyday in high school!!

ps i LOVE the matching shirts!!

Bonnie-Lee said...

Uh, how do you know these people? Because I'd like to know them.

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