{ Relaxing Saturday + beenie }

I think there is something to be said for taking half a saturday to do almost absolutely nothing but enjoy the day. Indoors. In your pajamas. At least that's what my Saturday was today, and it was highly enjoyable. I finished crocheting the beenie pictured above this morning (thanks for the tips and inspiration, Ali), did laundry, made some asparagus, sweet potato and rice for lunch (delish), and watched Dan in Real Life while unpicking some letters on a pair of coveralls I got the other day at the DI (only $6! and they are all kinds of sweet). It was quite nice.


Patricia said...

i get compliments all the time on the beanie that you made me. you are the bestest. i promised you that i would wear it all the time and i totally do!

robyn said...

i love you. and i love your hat that you made. and wish more than anything you were here.

robyn said...

p.s. i LOVE your blog birds. i want them! i love birds because my name is robyn:)

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