{ Sue Visits! }

For those of you from Huntington who remember Sue Leuschel, she's now Sue Senkovich, and she and her husband Nick came to visit Utah last weekend. They currently live in Arizona, but Nick's sister, Tammy, is trying to convince them that they should move to Utah. I, for one, think that is an excellent idea, so Sue and I spent last Saturday night in Salt Lake seeing the sites and unabashedly discussing all the great reasons why Sue and Nick should move here.

Highlights included Ruth's Diner, a tour of the adorable homes in the Avenues, city views from up near the Capitol building (one of my favorite sites in SLC at night), temple square, the conference center, a quick run through the Gateway, and we finished the night off with european hot chocolate and a game of speed scrabble at the Cocoa Cafe. Sue said I did a good job at convincing her (awesome!), so I'm looking forward to having her as a neighbor. Sue is one of those great friends who, even when you don't see each other or even really talk for 2.5 years (actual time period), your reunion evenings include lots of completely comfortable laughter, joking and good times...like there was no absence at all. So wonderful.

(NOTE: I'd like to confess that two out of the three times I typed "Nick" in this entry, upon proofing I found that I had in fact written "Nicki," not "Nick." Glad I caught those. That could have been confusing.)


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