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Today, like most days, I was talking with my good friend Marie on the IM. Mostly I like talking with Marie on the IM for two reasons. #1: Being that we are such good friends, I know exactly how everything she types is meant to be taken and exactly which Marie voice and inflection it is said in. And #2: Our conversations, no matter what we're talking about, usually take a silly twist and make me laugh.

During our conversation this morning I had been meaning to type "learning," (as part of the sentance "I love learning" - cheesy I know) but ended up typing "leanring" (a non-real word) instead. The conversation that followed went like this:

..."learning," not "leanring." I don't even know what leanring is.

Ya not leanring. Me either. We should look it up.

Ya. Or make it up.

Ya. it isn't a word.

"Leanring: a device used to support the main sail mast on a catamaran."

Oh. I was so wrong

Ha ha. No, silly. I made it up. Your turn.

Oh. Love it. Ok.
"Leanring: A modern term to describe the two things a guy would do to creep a girl out... deriving from the root words 'leaning' and 'lingering.'"

LOL. Awesome.


AshBash said...

I was talking to someone the other day and you came up in the conversation and I said, "next time I'm using the internet, I need to check Nicki's blog!" You are hilarious! I hope I can use leanring appropriately in the future. You should make a dictionary of the words you mistype!

54 canoe said...

I believe a leanring is only necessary to support the mast on sailing trimarans or the very largest sailing catamarans. The initial stability caused by the exaderated LP measurement relative to the beam/waterline-length ratio of most catamarans means the simple use of a triadic stay on the leeward side or a slightly larger headstay angle is more than sufficent to support the mast on all but the largest of catamarans. Or you could just get a motorboat... turn the key and go. But don't forget... no brake pedal.

Nelee said...

I know I always say this...but you are the world's greatest blogger! Yeah for Nicki! It was so awesome to see you earlier in the month. You seem like you are doing awesome! I miss you and think you are great.

Megan said...

You're so cute! I miss you!

Katy said...

that guy is SERIOUSLY creepy. i don't know where you found him, but i'm guessing stockphotos has a few hidden gems up their sleeves...

Katy said...
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