{ Cohesive }

Mike nicki and nats matchy matchy
Following the usual manner of dress, the ENTIRE (all 3 of us) design team at Sound Concepts matches today, no pre-planning involved. Now, I understand that black and brown are fairly common colors to wear, so this really isn't THAT much of a coincidence, but still. If wearing the same color palette unknowingly to work doesn't say "cohesive team," I don't know what does.

Natalie: Black boots, black sweatshirt, cream shirt, jeans.
Mike: Brown&black leather Nikes (with maroon shoe laces), chocolate hoodie, black jacket, tan beenie, jeans.
Nicki: Brown leather ballet flats, black shirt, black cardigan, black scarf, jeans.


Kara said...

Hey! Does Colby Allen still own Sound Concepts? I worked with his amazing wife, Sara, for years at EFY and other youth programs.

Love the small Mormon-world!

Nicki said...

He doesn't...he owns a gourmet food gifting (popcorn, pretzels, etc.) company now, but he still comes in here sometimes. In fact, I saw him yesterday. And even thought I don't know his wife that well, I think she is adorable and can only imagine how amazing she is :)

Lauren Parks said...

You are so cute!

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